An easy way to create Tabbed Content with jQuery & CSS

Tabbed content is a great way to handle a lot of info on a page without loosing usability, here’s how we create tabbed content with jQuery and CSS easily.

How to make Blurry Text with CSS

Its pretty easy to make some blurry text with CSS. We can do it by just making the text color  transparent and adding some text shadow.

PHP – Check if a number is Even, Odd or multiple of another

There are times when we need to check if a number is even, odd or multiple of another. Here are few methods to do the same.

My favorite Google Chrome Extensions

After finding Google Chrome more reliable and faster than Mozilla Firefox for Web Development and browsing needs I came across with some very useful extensions for Google Chrome. 1. Web Developer Web Developer is the one very useful extension for Chrome, it includes several major features any Web Developer will need to debug a project…

Portfolio – PSD Design

Created a PSD template for a portfolio WordPress Theme, never got a chance to complete all the pages and convert the same into WordPress Theme however, its still in my to-do list. Jobs Includes: PSD Design – Custom WordPress Theme

Created a custom WordPress Theme for Marketplace to buy and sell web related goodies. This theme includes, Frontend user controls like (login, registration, forgot password, profile etc.), Buyers, Sellers and Affiliates Dashboard, Support Forums, Affiliate System, Seller Uploads, Sales Reports and a lot of other features built-in within the theme itself. Job Included: PSD Design,…

LifeStream – Custom WordPress Theme

Created this Personal Blog WordPress Theme to sell on This theme supports post-formats and custom like/unlike buttons. Job Includes: PSD Design, HTML/CSS/jQuery, WordPress Theme Development – Custom WordPress Photo Gallery Theme

Created a custom AJAX based Photo Gallery WordPress Theme to sell on Users can upload multiple images which shows up in the background and users can navigate through all the images per page or post and can drag the images to see full size uploads. Job Includes: PSD Design, HTML/CSS/jQuery, AJAX, WordPress Theme Development

MAGAZine – Custom WordPress Theme

Created a fully customizable totally widgetized custom WordPress theme to sell on So far the response is really good and we made a lot of sales on and Mojo Themes. Job Includes: Logo/PSD Design, HTML/CSS/jQuery, WordPress Theme Development

Imagination – Landing Page

Created a landing page for our most popular fully customizable WordPress theme Imagination. Job Includes: PSD Design, HTML/CSS/jQuery/ PHP/MySQL Download Counter