In this tutorial, I’ll create a CSS Accordion without using any jQuery or Javascript. As I mentioned in my previous post “An easy way to create Tabbed Content with jQuery & CSS” displaying a lot of information on one page is a bit difficult and we can use tabbed content or accordions to achieve the same without compromising on user experience.

We can always use jQuery to include nice effects on our css accordion. However, we are going to create a pure css accordion which will work on any browser, with or without javascript enabled.

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Lets start with writing some HTML Code. We will use UL (unordered list) element to create our pure css accordion.

HTML Code for pure CSS Accordion:


As you can see, I have a UL element and added a class named “accordion”. Within the LI element, I have H2 and a DIV tag with class “content”. And we will play with the CSS display attribute to create our pure css accordion.

Lets write some CSS code to stylise the same and hide our DIV.content within the LI tags.

CSS CodeĀ for pure CSS Accordion:


As you can see in above code, we have used display:none for the div.content and on li:hover we have used display:inherit. The div.content is within the list element so this trick would work. If our div.content would have been outside this panel, we would have used jQuery to achieve the same.

Very soon, I’ll explain to achieve the same with jQuery and will use some nice animation as well.