Expand Images to parent DIV with jQuery and CSS

Expand images to parent container with jQuery.

How-To: Create a Cron Job to start MySQL if it Stops

In this tutorial, I share how to setup a cron job to check and start MySQL service if it stops accidentally.

Serious upgrades on a foolish day!!

Here’s an upgrade (Version 1.3.3) for SupportEzzy Ticket System for WordPress with following Brand New Features and enhancements: Fixed timezone issue Fixed security issue in create ticket form Fixed security issue in add/update comment forms Fixed redirection after adding email routes Added client and agent name on ticket list pages Enhanced search function to search…

Version 1.4.6 ~ Paid Content Packages WordPress Plugin

Version 1.4.6 for Paid Content Packages WordPress Plugin is now available to download via WordPress Upgrades API. Please make sure you upgrade to this version as it has multiple fixes for optimized and smooth functioning of this product…

Version 1.4.5 ~ Paid Content Packages WordPress Plugin

Released version 1.4.5 with following fixes and new features: Optimized package expiration function for global time zones and other server variables Enabled single sign on per user, admins can choose to enable or disable this feature under Configuration >> General Configuration page Updated Manage Subscriptions Screen for the user to show billing history and package…

Chat Bubble PSD

I’ve been writing code since morning and felt like designing something quick and nice, so I came up with this neat and clean chat bubble psd design.

How to create an easy to remember but super-strong password

A super-strong password must be alphanumeric, must contain capital letters and special characters. Now how can we create a password that contains everything and we don’t forget and get locked down from the applications we use.

WordPress crashed while updating plugins?

WordPress Crashed: How to bypass “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.” Recently I was updating my plugins on my local server and somehow the page got refreshed and my WordPress installation got stuck..

Pure CSS Authentication Forms

Today’s freebie is pure CSS authentication forms. I’ve been working on a project and created these forms in HTML and CSS so why not share the code. The zip file includes login form, register form and reset password form. Feel free to make changes as per your requirements, enjoy and share. Download Now

Change WordPress Excerpt Length

Change the WordPress excerpt length to a desired number of words.