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How-To: Create Easy Element Toggles with Data Attributes and jQuery.

Jun 29, 2017 How-Tos, jQuery

Using data attributes to toggle HTML elements with jQuery is much easier than using css classes.

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Sending email takes a long time on NGINX? Here's how to fix
Jun 02, 2017 Mohit Aneja How-Tos, Tips & Tricks

How to fix NGINX server if it takes a long time to send emails.

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Expand Images to parent DIV with jQuery and CSS
May 14, 2015 Mohit Aneja CSS, jQuery, Tips & Tricks

Expand images to parent container with jQuery.

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How-To: Create a Cron Job to start MySQL if it Stops
May 07, 2015 Mohit Aneja Tips & Tricks, cron, mysql, ubuntu

In this tutorial, I share how to setup a cron job to check and start MySQL service if it stops accidentally.

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Serious upgrades on a foolish day!!
Apr 01, 2015 Mohit Aneja Updates

Here's an upgrade (Version 1.3.3) for SupportEzzy Ticket System for WordPress with following Brand New Features and enhancements: Fixed ...

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Version 1.4.6 ~ Paid Content Packages WordPress Plugin
Mar 22, 2015 Mohit Aneja Updates, cjpaco

Version 1.4.6 for Paid Content Packages WordPress Plugin is now available to download via WordPress Upgrades API. Please make sure you upgr...

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Version 1.4.5 ~ Paid Content Packages WordPress Plugin
Mar 19, 2015 Mohit Aneja Product Upgrades, cjpaco

Released version 1.4.5 with following fixes and new features: Optimized package expiration function for global time zones and other serv...

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