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about us

We Create, Innovate and Provide Best Solutions for Businesses

We create innovative and fully customisable web; desktop and mobile applications using the latest technologies and most reliable software frameworks.

We are also passionately involved in producing plugins; themes and add-ons that render simple solutions to your online business complexities.

If you are seeking IT professionals to work for your business remotely, your search ends here.


from the director's desk

He's Harley Rider, Die-Hard Foodie, Gadget Freak, but also Studious, Methodical Perfectionist, who Believes in Leading with Example. Meet...


mohit aneja (a.k.a CSSJockey)

It's been a decade since CSSJockey came into existence. Since then, the company has made its mark in the industry, and our work is now a synonym for unique, practical and robust digital applications. The journey, so far, has been full of hitches & glitches, as we embarked many new ships. It has only helped us grow exponentially, accumulating more and more knowledge through different experiences.

Though CSSJockey has evolved over the years and is soaring higher than ever, still, our spirit of learning, experimenting & innovating has been consistent and will always be. In this endeavour, the CSSJockey team has been a dire catalyst of our success, making me proud of their expertise and zeal to push themselves to newer limits. They are amazing people to work with and never cease to amaze everyone.

Hence, I invite you to join our crusade and explore the enormous opportunities of digital innovations.

Our Vision and Mission

Excellent Solutions Wrapped in Exceptional Customer Experience

We are commissioned to provide top-notch service and most innovative digital solutions for every niche. For that, we are in a constant endeavour to train and sustain the most experienced and passionate professionals. Our teams continually acquire the best practices in using cutting edge technologies and unbeatable coding skills. Our brilliant minds have worked remotely with organisations across the globe, providing solutions that are conducive to the business' success. They are trained, steadfast and can develop software based applications, which, outdo the industry patterns and design specifications.


our team

Respect, Trust & Care are the Columns of Our Organisation.

They are Adventurous, Laughing Riots, Party Animals, Eclectic, Insightful and Artistic Masters of their Niche. Meet the bigwigs of CSSJockey...

Reet Aneja

CO-Founder; Marketing & SEO Head

I Am:
Skilled at Clear Communication; Creative Writing; Observation; Reasoning; PR; Presentation; Effective Management; Planning and Implementing Marketing & Seo Strategies.

Vikas V.

Business Development & Marketing Head

I Am:
Chargehand of Talent Recognition; Business Communications; Strategic Planning & Implementations; Analytical and Statistical Reporting; Marketing Platforms Management.

Rupak D.

Applications Development Manager

I Am:
Veteran of PHP/MySQL OOPs programming; WordPress Development (Custom Themes & Plugins); HTML5 and CSS2/CSS3; Javascript, jQuery, jQuery UI (jQuery Plugins); VueJS, CasperJS; CSS Frameworks (Twitter Bootstrap & Bulma), LESS, SCSS, AJAX, JSON, XML; Laravel, Slim Framework, Guzzle HTTP; GIT, SVN and code deployment; Adobe Photoshop (UI/UX Design).

Swati G.

HR Head

I Am:
Commander of Talent Recognition; Competitive; Multi-tasking; Communication; Retention; Handling Tough Responsibilities With Great Ease; Strategising; Maintaining Discipline; Analytical Reporting; Mentoring; Time Management; Work Ethics.

Anil G.

Sr. Software Engineer

I Am:
A Buff for PHP OOPs programming; MySQL, PostgreSQL; HTML/XHTML/HTML5 and CSS2/CSS3; Javascript, jQuery, jQuery UI (jQuery Plugins); VueJS; Codeigniter, Laravel, Oxwall; Zendesk (Migration, App Development and Configuration); GIT; Wordpress

Yatin B.

PHP Developer

I Am:
Remarkable at PHP/MySQL OOPs programming; WordPress Development (Custom Themes & Plugins); HTML/HTML5 and CSS2/CSS3; Javascript, jQuery, jQuery UI (jQuery Plugins); CSS Frameworks (Twitter Bootstrap), SCSS, AJAX, JSON, XML.

Sandeep M.

PHP Developer

I Am:
Accomplished at HP/MySQL OOPs Programming; HTML/XHTML/HTML5 and CSS2/CSS3; CSS Frameworks (bootstrap,bulma) Javascript, jQuery, jQuery UI (jQuery Plugins); AJAX, JSON Cake PHP (MVC), GIT, Codeigniter, Wordpress, Opencart.

Ruchi G.

Sr. Software Tester

I Am:
Master of Manual Testing, API Testing, Responsive Testing, Regression Testing, Functional Testing, Integration Testing, Smoke Testing, Sanity Testing, Automation Testing, Performance Testing, Database Testing.

Raman K.

PHP Developer

I Am:
Polished at HTML/XHTML/HTML5 and CSS2/CSS3; CSS Frameworks (bootstrap,bulma) Javascript, jQuery, jQuery UI (jQuery Plugins); AJAX, JSON Cake PHP (MVC), GIT, Codeigniter, Wordpress.

Rajesh K.

PHP Developer

I Am:
Proficient with HTML/XHTML/HTML5 and CSS2/CSS3; CSS Frameworks (bootstrap,bulma) Javascript, jQuery, jQuery UI (jQuery Plugins); AJAX, JSON Cake PHP (MVC), GIT, Codeigniter, CMS, Wordpress, Opencart.

Manav S.

Sr. Software Engineer

I Am:
Adept at PHP; MySQL; JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, JSON; PHP frameworks: Laravel 5.X, Zend, CI, Yii1, Yii2; CMS: Magento 1.x with extension developing, Magento 2, Opencart; AngularJs; ViewJs; KnockoutJs

Deepansh K.

PHP Developer

I Am:
Sharp at CSS2/CSS3 and HTML/HTML5 , Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, WordPress, GIT, PHP, jQuery, Jquery Plugins, Opencart, Cake PHP.