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Mohit Aneja a.k.a CSSJockeyMy name is Mohit Aneja and I am a self-employed web designer and developer based in Chandigarh, India. I specialise in creating usable designs for the web with a professional approach and convert them into HTML/CSS & WordPress Themes that adapt to the latest web standards & trends. My knowledge supported by many years of experience enables me to come up with efficient and useful solutions.

I can transform your ideas into reality, check out my work and discuss your project.

More about me

Born in Delhi and having spent my childhood in a small town of Punjab (Fazilka, if you’ve ever heard of it), I have had my unique ways of standing out of the crowd. Be it my style, knowledge of art or love life, I have been the king of know-how’s among my friends. Designing is in my blood. My first “Hello World” application was created back in 1998 and the list grew to 100+ before I actually came out with my personal website.

Before I drifted this passion to professional stream, I served Dell International Services as a Senior Operations Analyst and was recognised for automating the internal reporting system for about 3 years. I fell in love with the code-design symphony and decided to make my mark in web development services. I’m committed to the internet community and love to share my knowledge and best practices. Off the job, I’m mostly enjoying a snack or shaking a leg to hip-hop and rock music. I’m a total foodie and my favorite food comes from Domino’s, KFC, Subway and McDonalds. I also love long drives with my beloved wife Reet and playing with my son Kaavish. I’m turned off by dishonesty, idleness and passionless life. My dream is go on a world tour.

About CSSJockey

Ever since I’ve started my web learning expedition a decade ago, I’ve been truly amazed and excited with the working of CSS and its effects on beautifying the web applications and pages. Hence, there was no second thought about branding myself as a CSS Jockey. I unleashed this brand on the 1st day of year 2009. The website was launched with a single “Happy New Year” post and fetched a tremendous response in just few weeks. Since then I’ve learned and tried to master many languages such as xHTML, HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax and fell heads over heels in love with WordPress development. I’ve tried my hands on plug-ins and twisting various back-end options, creating a whole new experience of blogging and using WordPress as CMS to create complex websites like shopping carts, real estate listing and mobile review websites etc. Thinking out of box has been my obvious, I don’t find anything interesting unless I can insert a twist to make it from ordinary to extraordinary. I believe that makes me stand out of the crowd.

Making Of CSSJockey

The idea of having a brand separate from my signature website came into being when I started getting numerous requests from web site owners around the world to create unique design concepts for them. This encouraged me to learn even more web technologies and trends and gave me an opportunity to challenge myself to think out of the box every time. It took just 4-5 such projects for me to decide, this is what I wanna be and this is exactly what I wanna do forever! I love the fact that I get to live my passion everyday and also push the boundaries to grow bigger, better, brighter every time. Today I’m incredibly satisfied to have chosen this path of life.

My Motto

Through my experience on the internet, I’ve come to believe that

  • Web Standards are the best way to serve information online in an accessible, maintainable and visible way.
  • Learning through Sharing Best Practices is The One and The Fastest way of learning.
  • Quality of service and products will never go unnoticed.
  • I always have and will create unique, clean, usable designs for the web and keep on exploring new technologies and trends.

Next is what?

For me “Stopping is Failing”!! Launching CSSJockey was not all I’d planned for myself, this was a journey well begun! Though I had nothing in mind when I launched CSSJockey, but the ideas cropped from my daily experiences. I’ve since then, created and launched many new ventures and currently WIP for more. There’s never enough time that I can find to promote all my ventures and creations while working on new projects and meeting the deadlines. If only, there were more than 24 hours in a day, I could have done a lot more in a year! But, I’m in no rush to get to the top, Slow & Steady Wins the race, huh? With “Sharing Best Practices” nailed in me, I do try to keep up with writing regularly(“quite often”, precisely) about anything I’ve recently explored or created. As far as the new and upcoming ventures are concerned, I’m trying my hands on any new and exciting ideas that cross my mind.

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