PHP - Check if a number is Even, Odd or multiple of another
While coding PHP applications, there are times when we need to check if a number is even, odd or multiple of another.
Why Keyword Research is Key?
Good keyword research is the foundation of a successful SEO strategy. Without good keywords, all of your hard work writing SEO-friendly content, optimizing your title tags, getting rid of duplicate
Wordpress Themes & Why You Should Have Unique Design
When you have a website or blog you want to stand out from all the other websites out, which is why having a good WordPress theme that sets you apart is so critical. There are millions of websites
An easy way to create login panel with jQuery and CSS
Among many studies conducted to find out just what influences people's perception of a website's credibility, one interesting finding is that users really do judge a book by its cover… or rather, a
Stop Using IE 6 or Google Will Abandon You
Minutes ago, I received an email from Google which made jump in my chair with joy. As a developer, no other news could make me happier (especially at this time, when I was on the verge of pulling my
An easy way to create light-box with jQuery & CSS
As you already know that I've been working on improving the performance of my website and I needed a simple solution to create light-box effect for Live-Chat on this website. I had many options to
How to read minified CSS with ease?
Today we have a quick tip for those who feel depressed and cry when they see the holy grail of CSS in one single line in their website / theme stylesheets.
Is your website ready for the global market?
It has been seen that different software applications don't work on different platforms in a same fashion and this applies to websites more commonly. People use different browsers like Firefox, IE6,
Google Insights: See What the World is Searching For
It's a competitive world out there. To beat the heat, you need to know much more and most up to date info about the market numbers, than your rivals. And in such situation, if you're not making use of
CSS Tips - Get Consistent Results in All Browsers
Web standards are prevailing guidelines used on the World Wide Web to ensure web sites and information is accessible to all in the most efficient manner. Most Web browsers have different default
Enable Auto-Complete Search in WordPress Blog!
"One sometimes finds what one is not looking for"