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We believe the more you share the more you learn and learning never ends.

Change WordPress Excerpt Length
You can add the following code in your theme's functions.php file to change the WordPress excerpt length. Change the number (100) to the desired length.
Pure CSS Brand & Social Icons
Today's freebie is a set of brand and social icons created with pure CSS. In fact, you can use the CSS code any web icon font. In this freebie, I've used fontawesome.io web font icons. This
How to create category based search box with CSS and jQuery
There are a few times when we want our website visitors to search content in just one category and not the whole website. Today I am sharing a simple but effective UI trick to create a category based
How to create Quick Search Bookmarks with JS
As a web designer, I always look for design elements for inspiration. So to search for images normally we open Google.com, Flickr.com, and other preferred sites, apply different search filters and
Pure CSS Push Buttons
Today while working on a client's project, I created pure css push buttons in different colours. Here's the HTML/CSS code for the same. Feel free to use them on your projects. Enjoy!!
Add Custom Post Types to Main WordPress RSS Feed
Custom post types is a great a feature introduced in WordPress 3.0 and it extended the functionality and practical usage of this awesome CMS. While re-designing / re-structuring CSSJockey.com, I have
Google Web Fonts - How to Use, Download and Sync
Typography is the key element in the design process. While designing a web page, business card, brochure or a newspaper advertisement fonts and text style plays an important role to get user
CSS3 Animation - Stylise Links and other HTML elements
Links, Links, Links!! That's what we have all over the internet. On our website and blog posts, we have a lot of links to point a user to another page. Today I will share a small trick to stylise the
jQuery CSS Class playground
Today we will play with jQuery CSS class methods such as addClass, removeClass, hasClass and toggleClass and learn some basic implementation to modify the HTML styles on the fly.
How to Create Pure CSS Accordion
In this tutorial, I'll create a CSS Accordion without using any jQuery or Javascript. As I mentioned in my previous post "An easy way to create Tabbed Content with jQuery & CSS" displaying a lot
An easy way to create Tabbed Content with jQuery & CSS
Tabbed content is a great way to handle a lot of information on a page without loosing usability and it provides great user experience as well. Here's a real easy way to create tabbed content with
How to make Blurry Text with CSS
Its pretty easy to make some blurry text with CSS. We can do it by just making the text color  transparent and adding some text shadow. Here's the code for the same: