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HowTo: Find all links on a page with PHP

This code snippet list all links found on a page, this technique is used by most spiders.

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Sending email takes a long time on NGINX? Here's how to fix

How to fix NGINX server if it takes a long time to send emails.

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Expand Images to parent DIV with jQuery and CSS

Expand images to parent container with jQuery.

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How-To: Create a Cron Job to start MySQL if it Stops

In this tutorial, I share how to setup a cron job to check and start MySQL service if it stops accidentally.

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How to create an easy to remember but super-strong password

A super-strong password must be alphanumeric, must contain capital letters and special characters. Now how can we create a password that contains everything and we don't forget and get locked down from the applications we use.

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Google Web Fonts - How to Use, Download and Sync

Typography is the key element in the design process. While designing a web page, business card, brochure or a news paper advertisement fonts and text style plays an important role to get user attention..

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CSS3 Animation - Stylise Links and other HTML elements

Links, Links, Links!! That's what we have all over the internet. On our website and blog posts, we have a lot of links to point a user to another page. Today I ..

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An easy way to create login panel with jQuery and CSS

A small script to introduce a sliding login box into your website, just as you see in Twitter login page. The script comprises jQuery and CSS techniques to display this arty feature. Checkout the code below and try it yourself or simply download the ready to use files.

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How to Create a Favicon and Why Should You Use One

At CSSJockey, making your web presence outstanding is a key point that is always on our mind. One of the ways to make your website stand out from other pages on the WWW is to use a Favicon that represents your website if it’s opened in a browser or saved in someone's list of bookmarks...

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An easy way to create light-box with jQuery & CSS

As you already know that I've been working on improving the performance of my website and I needed a simple solution to create light-box effect for Live-Chat on this website. I could have used one of the available jQuery plug-ins out there however, the idea was to optimize the code with minimal use of heavy third-party scripts and CSS.

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How to read minified CSS with ease?

Today we have a quick tip for those who feel depressed and cry when they see the holy grail of CSS in one single line in their themes. Recently I started hearing from a lot of people complaining about their theme developers using minified CSS in their themes for maximizing performance without any consideration for their ease of use or customization...

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CSS Tips - Get Consistent Results in All Browsers

<b>Web standards</b> are prevailing guidelines used on the World Wide Web to ensure web sites and information is accessible to all in the most efficient manner. Most Web browsers have different default settings for the base margins and padding...

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Enable Auto-Complete Search in WordPress Blog!

As you type something in the search box, it automatically offers search terms and phrases in real time. How nice will it be to have the same feature on your website or blog.

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An easy way to create Loading Bar!

Recently, while browsing I landed on a page on where people were discussing about how I implemented this loading bar on I could sense a lot of confusion in the discussion so thought I would take the mystery out as I love to share best practices. Here's how you can create a loading bar in few steps..

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Using Social Networks to get more Google Juice

I hope you are benefiting from Part 1 and Part 2 of Google Juice: Hard to Get but Tasty to Drink Series. As promised, I am here with the Part 3 of this Google Juice Series in which I am going to share with you a very effective trick to place your website quicker and higher up in Google Search results.

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Google Juice: Update Services and Optimize Link Structure

This post is second in the <em>Google Juice: Hard To Get But Tasty To Drink</em> series. Here we tell you about Pinging various Site Update Services and Optimizing Link Structures which will help you get your web pages listed in Google search results within 30 minutes.

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Google Juice: Hard To Get But Tasty To Drink! Part-1

What is Google juice anyway? If you've been blogging for a while I am pretty sure you are not new to this term. For everyone else, I'll take a few words to explain what it is and how to get it to save you valuable time ...

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