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CSSJockey Add-ons

CSSJockey Add-ons is a free WordPress plugin , which acts as a base framework, for all our FREE and PREMIUM add-ons. The main goal of this plugin is to provide a standard interface to utilize common assets for all our WordPress add-ons.

It helps us to automate 80 percent of our code base, and now we can manage and release product updates faster.

This plugin bundles all standard features and assets in one place, such as backend UI, shortcode generator, UI blocks which are shared with all our add-ons. It never loads required javascript and CSS files twice even you have 10 or 20 addons installed.

With this structure, we managed to reduce the number of database queries and server load on a WordPress website.

All our free and premium add-ons require CSSJockey Add-ons WordPress plugin. You can download this plugin for free from WordPress website.

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WP SupportEzzy

WP SupportEzzy is an elegant support tickets system and faqs portal for WordPress. SupportEzzy is a stand-alone Vue.js App which runs on a single WordPress page of your website. This app does not interfere with your existing WordPress theme and plugins and will work with any WordPress site.

You can use the App as a part of your existing website or create a new WordPress installation and run this app on a homepage for dedicated support portal.

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WP Frontend Auth

WP Frontend Auth allows you to easily extend the authentication layer of your WordPress website. One of the main features of this add-on is to display the Login, Register, Edit Profile, and Reset password forms on the front-end of your website.

This add-on comes with WP Form Builder and WP Social Login addons which are required for WP Frontend Auth.

WP Form Builder add-on allows you to extend the registration and edit profile page with unlimited form fields and the extended from fields data is saved in user_meta table.

WP Social Login add-on enables login and registration for your WordPress website with 73 popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Github, Envato.

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WP Form Builder

WP Form Builder Add-on helps you create any number of forms with unlimited WordPress and custom form fields. Form data can be sent to an email address or any specified custom Url where you can process the data the way you want.

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WP Social Login

WP Social login add-on enables login and registration for your WordPress website with 73 popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Github, Envato.

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WP RSS Feed Tweaks

This add-on empowers the RSS Feeds for your WordPress website with a bundle of options. With this plugin, you can control the behavior of your site's RSS feeds by playing with options like delayed feeds, adding a custom logo, include the post featured image, exclude particular categories and so on.

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WP Unlimited Popups

With WP Unlimited Pop-ups plugin you can create different kind of pop-ups with custom styles, colors, size, display options and include any type of content, HTML, CSS, Javascript and WordPress Shortcodes.

You can easily choose and configure different pop-ups to display on all pages or specific sections of your website.

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WP Content Placeholders

WP Content Placeholders allows you to display dynamic content based on each WordPress user role. You can insert the shortcode on any page, post or text widget and the content based on the user role selected will be displayed in that section.

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WP Dashboard Tweaks (Work in progress)

WP Frontend Tweaks (Work in progress)

WP Frontend Loaders (Work in progress)

WP Maintenance Mode (Work in progress)

WP Frontend Auth Lite (Work in progress)

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