WP Form Builder Add-on helps you create any number of forms with unlimited WordPress and custom form fields. Form data can be sent to an email address or any specified custom Url where you can process the data the way you want.

Here's a list of this add-on features:

Ajax Forms

You can choose to use Ajax forms or disable this feature to allow normal form submit.

Managed Error Display

You can choose to display form error messages above the form, highlight form field with errors or both.

Unlimited forms with Import/Export and Duplicate form options

You can create unlimited forms and easily export and import the form and all its settings in .JSON files. You can also duplicate a form with a single click.

Managed Access

You can easily choose to display each form to a specific user role. For example, if you allow a form only to Authors then the form will not be displayed for any other user.

Custom Submit Action

You can either send the form data to any email address or post the form data to a specific URL where you can process the data the way you want and integrate with other services and APIs.

Custom Post Submit Display

You can easily choose what to do when the form data is successfully submitted.

Various form fields

There are a lot of form fields to choose from.

  • Basic HTML Fields: You can choose to add basic HTML form fields
  • WordPress User Fields: You can choose to add WordPress User Profile fields. If a user is logged-in to the site, these field will be populated with user data or meta data automatically.
  • Special Fields: This section include various fields such as Google reCaptcha, QnA Spam protection, Ajax based Google Address lookup and custom HTML which can included in any order.

Managed Field Display

You can easily manage the form fields layout by selecting column size for each field.

Managed Field Settings

You can manage almost everything about the field under field settings.

Managed Field Attributes

You can specify custom css class names, placeholders for supported fields and inline styles for each field.

Managed Field Validation

You can specify validation rules based on PHP Gump form validation class.

Ajax Based Dropdown Menus

You can create parent and child taxonomies in the backend and use the same for dropdown options.