This add-on for WordPress lets you to display WordPress login, register, reset password and edit profile forms to the front-end of your website instead of WordPress default screens.

WP Frontend Auth Lite is a free add-on which extends the authentication functionality of your WordPress website. Now you can easily extend your WordPress login, register, reset password to any front page of your website.

What to expect from this add-on?

It provides you a way to bring the Login, Register, Edit Profile, Reset Password and Logout functionality to the frontend of the site.

Now no need to redirect the users to the old & boring WordPress default login and register screens. Just simply:

  • Activate our plugin
  • Check if Registrations are enabled in WordPress
  • Create pages for login, register, edit profile, reset password & logout
  • Place shortcodes respective of it's page.
  • Enjoy the functionality from the front-end of your site.

How to configure? Click here

Want more features and customizations? Check out the premium version of this plugin here