This add-on allows you to make a lasting impression on your users by enhancing the otherwise dull process of page transitions. This is a Free add-on that you can use on any WordPress site and show users some interesting animated loaders till the page is fully loaded and ready for use.

This add-on comes with the following options:


This add-on comes with 13 pre-defined themes/styles that you can choose from. These are 13 different styles of loaders.

Color Styles

With this add-on you can choose the color of your loader image according to the theme of your website and the color of the background overlay.

Background Overlay Color

Choose any color that suits you and the theme of your website as the color of the background overlay, on which the loader will be displayed until the page has loaded completely.

Background Overlay Opacity.

Under this option you can set the opacity of the overlay background. The range is from 0 to 100 with number representing as percentage like 90%.

Click here to know how to configure above options.