WP Frontend Tweaks is a free add-on for WordPress that helps you control the Front-end options of your website. This plugin lets you manage many default options for your website's header and footer functions that is wp_head() and wp_footer(). You can also add your own custom CSS/JS to modify your header and footer as per your requirements.This add-on helps customize, remove and add things to the source while the page is loading.

Lets check out its features:

WordPress Overrides

Under this setting you can manage options and defaults for wp_head() and wp_footer() functions. You can specify additional css class names for the body tag as well as post container tag. You can Remove query string from Static Resources. You can also enable or disable excerpt for pages.

WordPress Title

This feature lets you enable or disable Tagline. You can specify custom separator for document title. Specify any text to include before the document title and any text to include after the document title.

Custom Header Code

This option lets you include any valid code within HTML head tag. Script tags, Styles, Meta tags etc.

DNS Prefetch

In short, DNS Prefetching is a method of informing the browser of domain names referenced on a site so that the client can resolve the DNS for those hosts, cache them, and when it comes time to use them, have a faster turn around on the request.

wp_head Modifications

There are many other options as well such as Hide Version Number, Hide shortlink for pages, Remove canonical link, remove text/css declarations, remove feed links,extra feed links and much more.

Easily add your own code or any HTML,CSS or JS tags to the footer.

Custom CSS/JS

This feature lets you include your custom CSS/JS code. The code you will add will be added to all the pages.You can also specify custom CSS/JS file's URL per line.

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