This add-on empowers the RSS Feeds for your WordPress website with a bundle of options. With this plugin, you can control the behavior of your site's RSS feeds by playing with options like delayed feeds, adding a custom logo, include the post featured image, exclude particular categories and so on.


Disabled Feed: You can completely disable RSS Feeds for your WordPress website and set a custom message for visitors who try to access the feed.

Delayed Feed: You can delay the RSS feed publishing for few minutes to avoid any mistakes getting published as soon as you hit the Publish button.

Feed Logo: You can upload a logo image for the RSS feed.

Exclude Categories: You can easily choose multiple categories to exclude from your site main RSS feed.

Include Custom Post Types: You can quickly add registered custom post types to your RSS feed.

Add Post Thumbnails: You can choose to display the post featured image in the feed articles.

Add Custom Content Before & After: You can specify and add any valid HTML above and below the feed content.

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