WP Social login add-on enables login and registration for your WordPress website with 73 popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Github, Envato.

Display social buttons on any WordPress page or sidebar

You can choose to activate any number of social networks for login and registration and display the buttons with a shortcode on any post, page or sidebar widget.

Display social buttons on WordPress login screen

You can even show the social login buttons on default WordPress Login and Registration forms.

Automatic WordPress User creation

Once a user clicks on any social login button, this plugin checks if a user already exists with the email address returned by the network. If yes, the social profile is attached to the existing user account. Otherwise, this add-on will create a new user account and log the user into your website.

Managed Email Capture

Some networks do not return email address with the social profile data, so this add-on prompts the user for an email address. Once the user provides an email address system will validate the email address and either attach the existing user with the social profile or create a new user and log into the website.

Custom Redirect URL

You can specify a different redirect Url for each social network and redirect your users to the specified Url after their account is connected.

Multiple Social Connections

Users can connect any number of social profiles with their account and login with any network on your WordPress site.

Easy Setup

This plugin is very easy to setup. Just select the networks you would like to use on your site and then provide APP ID and Secret for each network and its ready.

Select Networks

Configure Network

Upgrades & Change Log

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