CSSJockey Add-ons is a free WordPress plugin , which acts as a base framework, for all our FREE and PREMIUM add-ons.

The main goal of this plugin is to provide a standard interface to utilize common assets for all our WordPress add-ons.

It helps us to automate 80 percent of our code base, and now we can manage and release product updates faster.

This plugin bundles all standard features and assets in one place, such as backend UI, shortcode generator, UI blocks which are shared with all our add-ons. It never loads required javascript and CSS files twice even you have 10 or 20 addons installed.

With this structure, we managed to reduce the number of database queries and server load on a WordPress website.

All our free and premium add-ons require CSSJockey Add-ons WordPress plugin. You can download this plugin for free from WordPress website.