It’s a competitive world out there. To beat the heat, you need to know much more and most up to date info about the market numbers, than your rivals. And in such situation, if you’re not making use of the excellent tools available online, you ought to be left out way behind the world. It’s an era of online marketing. I’m sure you won’t quote me wrong if I say, “To be a great businessman in today’s time, all you need to know is, how to use which tool where? That’s it! Isn’t that so easy!!

I know the competition still remains tough, but this tool makes it a lot easy to handle. I’m talking about the Google Insights. A great tool to give you an insight knowledge about who is looking for what; where; how much and when. Its like having your market researchers spread across the world on the click on a button! Well that’s Google!! Simplifying things and making your life easy.

With this tool you can know all about a specific keyword, or a set of keywords by graphing the information based on web, images, news or products. You can also get the data within specified time frame and categories. That’s not all! It gives you the requested information for the related keywords also.

Well that’s a brief about this exciting tool. I’m sure you’ve already started trying your hands on it. But hang on! Allow me to highlight just a few more features of this tool.

  • Get the data with region, time range and category filters.
  • Analyze search keyword favored across regions, categories, and time frames.
  • Get related news headlines.
  • Get results in clear graph and map presentation.
  • Export and download data in .CSV format.

Rest, I’ll leave them for you to find out!! Just make sure you share the findings with me too.. 😀

Click here to know more about this tool and Stay tuned for more..

Mohit Aneja
I am an experienced designer and developer with a solid knowledge & experience of current web and mobile technology. I am a problem solver at heart and strive to develop the most effective solutions at the highest of standards and current technology.

  • Rakesh

    Great Tool, Thanks for sharing..

    • I’m not really sure how effective Google Insights is.

  • Great site! I can see that i have a lot to learn. =D thanks for the tips.

  • Wow…I never knew about this tool. Thanks for the Update. I wonder what else google has……

  • I was looking for such a analysis tool. It’s always good to know what’s the market buzz, before trying the marketing. 🙂

  • Keyword makes your search easy!!! It is easy to find your search if you are sure with your keywords. This blog helped me in giving various ideas about keyword search.

  • Nice to meet another “Aneja”. Hope you are doing great! I need to push my webpages, let me know how we can do this.


  • nice tips to find but what is happening with the search engine empire Google!

  • Very interesting… This is a new one for me. Thanks for sharing!

  • Google insights is a pretty decent and most underrated keyword research tool. It is great to combine it with the google adwords tool as well as with the sk tool. And not to mention, they are all FREE!

    • Dorian

      This is a very good post. I also like to use the Google Suggest tool Or I simply go to Google dot Com and as I type thing in it will come up with more long tail keordwys. However, your idea is way more efficient. Thank you!By the way, you have a great blog here, if you’d like to collaborate let me know.

  • Sam

    Thanks for this information, Great Post

  • Huge help. Just amazed with the results.

  • thanks for sharing friend.. 😉

  • ya great tool to analyze the keywords,this tip helps me a lot thanks.

  • Greatt and useful tool. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. I hope to use it in the future.

  • I still feel confused with the service provided by google. I need to better understand how to use a service like this useful. thanks

  • Nice Guy ! Thaks For Sharing

  • Very good and great tool! Have all a good day…

  • Hi,

    You written very nice.


    See you later.

  • Thaks For Sharing

  • useful post, Thanks for sharing!

  • What a thoughtful post!

    I especially like the point about including others in your content. Everybody likes recognition, even if it’s just a quick mention.

  • ya great tool to analyze the keywords,this tip helps me a lot thanks.


  • i used google adword for search my keyword for site

  • I have been using Google Insights for awhile and am very happy with it. Thanks for the post.

    • It really is a powerful tool, I use it every time I publish something on web. Good keyword research ensures good listings.

  • Is this simlar to Google Trends or some different service of google ?

    • Its different, Compare both and you will get to know the difference. I find Insights more useful as it provides more data and comparison options.

  • I’ve used Google trends and google alerts before. Insights sounds so much better for internet marketing, thanks for the heads up.

  • Awesome keyword tools. Ezinearticles is also an excellent way to find great keywords for your niche that can be incorporated into your website content. Find the articles that have high views and perform a keyword density check to see what keywords are drawing the huge crowds.

  • All these tools like Google insight and Google Adwords are great.They help you find the most appropriate keywords to build your site

  • thankss admin

  • Hi CSSJockey.. I really fell in love with your site design. And its incredible that you allow your commentors’ link share..

    thank you so much for this article and blog.

    Keep it up!

  • This is a fantastic program. I first read about it in this article.
    Hey randki kochanek flirt zdrada this is really nice information. I was looking for something similar like this. Thanks for this useful information

  • Hey, thanks for the great tip – I hope google insights can be integrated int our analytics package (premium from google – so I think it should).

  • Wonderful search engine tip, thanks for sharing .

  • thanks for sharing .

  • thanks, you are so nice to make me clear all my confusion about this tool.

  • Very informative article.Thanks for your kindly sharing.I’ll back to see your updates.

  • thank you very mcugh

  • Thank you for sharing. I will be back for next update.

    • Jon

      Completely agree with the above. I have tried out Google Insights many times but often it has given results which were simply not accurate when they were achieved. A shame really, hopefully this will be sorted soon.

      • I found Google Adwords keyword tool is much better and accurate than this one.

  • thank you for posting this article! very nice website design i must say…

  • It is easy to find your search if you are sure with your keywords…

  • Thanks for sharing, very nice website design indeed!

  • Thanks for sharing.. admin

  • I have not used google insights in the past. Will add it to my process. thanks for sharing

  • Good thoughts Mohit, didn’t know you could split data down into countries/regions before!

    • Learning is an ongoing process and I am learning a lot of new things on this topic. Will surely write more about my findings.

  • you blog is very good and your view is very smart. Thank you for share

  • Superb tools.. I download all and now fully enjoying my work.. Thanks.

  • Pretty gud tool thou. but not accurate always. cant get the desired results sometimes.

  • I think it’s fair to say that as well as doing research for your fat head terms you should also take a closer look at the long tail.

  • I use Insights religiously. It’s such a great tool and must for any ecommerce business in my opinion.

  • jessica

    No doubt Google InSights Search is the most imp tool one should use before setting keywords for onces site.

  • Sophie

    That’s amazing. I now woednr which one is a better option because I’ve seen and used other utilities although a separate windows application like Copy Search.

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