Today we spend most of our time online, either on our personal computers, office work-station and most of the times on mobile phones. Today there's a web or mobile app for almost everything and we use almost all of them in our daily routine.

Most of the application store our information to personalize the content as per our profile and interests. To keep our data secure and hidden from others, they provide us with a form to create a username and password.

Do you use a super-strong password or just an easy one which you can remember and someone else can guess to hack into your account?

I couldn't believe that most of the internet users use one of the passwords below to keep their account secure.

  1. 123456
  2. password
  3. 12345678
  4. qwerty
  5. abc123789

I hope you are not one of these people and actually have a really strong password. However, in this article, I am going to explain an easy way to create a super-strong password that you can easily remember.

A super-strong password must be alphanumeric, must contain capital letters and special characters. Now how can we create a password that contains everything and we don't forget and get locked down from the applications we use.

What do you think of this password?


Do you think its a super-strong password? Can you remember this every time you are asked to punch this password?

If you think you can't, then let me explain how this password is created and make your life a lot easier and secure.

Ilove My Kids and Wife 1981 2006

Here's a simple line that I can remember always. Of course, I love my kids and wife and I was born in 1981 and got married in 2006 which is why I have a wife and kids ;)

Now lets create a password out of it:

  1. I was replaced by 1
  2. L is in lower case
  3. M is replaced by ^^ (Shift + 6 twice)
  4. n for and
  5. W is uppercase as she's important :)
  6. 81 is YY format of my birth year
  7. 60 is YY format of my anniversary

Combining all these characters make this jumbled text a super-strong password.

NOTE: This is just an example and I request you, not to use this line for your password as a lot of people will read this post.

Be a little creative and think of phrase that you can not forget and try to replace the characters with symbols. Once done, do write your new password at least 10 times somewhere and then destroy that file or paper to make sure you do remember what you have set and no one has access to it.

Now you have a super-strong password, so go on, enjoy the current technology and be SAFE. Do share this trick with your friends and family and help them avoid common mistakes and get webbed.