Have you ever looked at your collection of desktop wallpapers and mumbled, “Hey God! You know I’ve never believed in you… but if u just answer one question for me, I’ll start believing in you. God Promise!”

And god says, “Ask me the question, son” and you go, “How come these big guys create awesome wallpapers, cool designs and other awesome stuff. And I can’t? What is it they do?”

Well, If you have. You’re not alone. Cuz years back, even I asked ‘God’ the same question. Though he dint seem to answer and a friend of mine introduced me to a magic world of tutorials. And since then life’s been awesome! I bookmarked trillions of sites. And read them one by one. And believe it or not I still do.

Today, my fellow designers, um gonna share with you some of my own favorite websites for tutorials and stuff. And I hope you don’t ask God the same question again and again, cuz I figure out that he’s probably tired or busy designing the real world.

But anyway, here they are… Websites that you MUST take a look at…

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Mohit Aneja
I am an experienced designer and developer with a solid knowledge & experience of current web and mobile technology. I am a problem solver at heart and strive to develop the most effective solutions at the highest of standards and current technology.

  • Sam

    Great Resource!

  • Jason

    Good Article, I love this list and bookmarked your site. Your site design is just awesome

    • This makes everything so comepltley painless.

  • Monalisa

    Awsome design! I like your work alot. Looking forward to have one like you. This is a wonderful resource to learn.Thank you.

  • Thanks for sharing this information, Now I guess i will have a lot of things to work on!

  • Thanks for sharing a great list of site’s just what i needed to up my graphic designing skills great site by the way

  • Mohit Gahlot

    Mohit, these all sites are really very good for the learners. Lynda.com is my favorite site but they provides paid lessons. There are lot of sites like psd.tutsplus.com or tuts networks providing excellent tuts and tricks….

    Mohit G

  • Thank you admin.
    Great Resource!

  • Awesome stuff. Loved it. I am creating a dynamic site as part of my project. This would really add some professional look to my site. Thanks.

  • Your list of Photoshop Tutorial Websites is the best sorted and selected Reference, I found online for this topic. Thanks for sharing this list – now I can stop searching.


    Amy-Lin Kaufbau

  • mohit


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