After finding Google Chrome more reliable and faster than Mozilla Firefox for Web Development and browsing needs I came across with some very useful extensions for Google Chrome.

1. Web Developer

Web Developer is the one very useful extension for Chrome, it includes several major features any Web Developer will need to debug a project e.g. HTML, CSS, links and feeds validation, page information, live CSS editor, ruler, element outlines, browser resize and many more. But there is an issue with the browser resize functionality in this extension as it doesn’t allows you to add custom browser size, it comes with a couple of resizing sizes, for the same you may use another extension called ‘Window Resizer’ which let’s you add custom size for resizing the current window size.

2. Windows Resizer

As I explained above, Web Developer extensions doesn’t fits very well for resizing the current browser size I use Window Resizer for the same. It lets you add custom size for resizing the current window. It also has an added option to display the current windows size as a tooltip in bottom right corner, it changes synchronously as you resize the browser.

3. ColorZilla

I always love those elegant and cool color schemes across the web, ColorZilla fits the best at this place. You can directly pick color from a webpage or open color picker to choose your own, apart from these you can choose color format in which it should copy it to the clipboard.

4. Page Speed

While debugging a web page it’s always been necessary to check the page speed and errors to maintain the page speed score and faster web page load. Page Speed from Google gives several important information which helps you to troubleshoot the page errors.

There are also a couple of other Chrome Extensions I use on daily basis like Search by image, View background image, Highlight to Search etc. Using such helpful extensions doesn’t only saves your time, it also help you maintain the quality of your service.

Let me know your favorites in comments!!

Mohit Aneja
I am an experienced designer and developer with a solid knowledge & experience of current web and mobile technology. I am a problem solver at heart and strive to develop the most effective solutions at the highest of standards and current technology.

  • Paul

    Have you tried Screen Capture?

    That’s really useful for screen shots.

    • Yes Paul, that one is definitely useful. But when I work on Mac OS, I don’t find anything more useful than built-in screenshots for Mac.

  • Samiullah

    Pendule works similarly to that of web developer. If you design for smaller screen you might add adobe shadow to you chrome extensions stock.

    • Adobe shadow is a good one, but it doesn’t allows to be tested on localhost URL so I don’t find it very useful.

      However, the latest release of Shadow Labs 2 allows you to test localhost URLs too, but there is some problem with iOS platform and they are working on to fix it. As of now it works on non-iOS devices only.

  • Samiullah

    One other thing is that; web developer doesn’t work for internal pages as pendule does;

    • Yes Samiullah, it looks great. Will surely check that out during next development. 🙂

  • Aaron

    Excellent but to me the one I like is the page speed seems to me the best thing to have for chrome!

    greetings and a big hug!

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