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WP Form Builder

WordPress Plugins | Version: 1.1.3
This WordPress plugin helps you create any number of forms with unlimited WordPress and custom form fields. Form data can be sent to an email address or any specified custom Url where you consume and process the data.
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Go beyond regular forms in WordPress and create the forms with unlimited form fields you want. Either send the form data to an email address or post the same to any custom Url or online API routes. Choose to process the forms the traditional way or use AJAX for form processing. You can also choose to display the form errors above the form, highlight form field with errors or use both.

Unlimited forms and custom form fields:

You can create any number of forms with unlimited custom form fields. Easily export, and import the forms on different WordPress installations.

Managed access:

You can easily choose which WordPress roles can access the forms so, for an example, if you are sending the data to a page where you create new WordPress users, you can set the form visibility for only visitors and users logged into your website will not see that form.

Custom action on form submit:

You can either send the form data to an email address or post the data to any valid Url, for example, an API route or online service Url where you can perform any action based on the data received from the form. You can also send headers like access tokens if you are sending the data to an API route.

Custom action after form submit:

You can control how the form behaves after a user submits the form.

  • You can choose to clear the form fields with a custom success message.
  • You can choose to hide the form with a custom success message.
  • You can choose to redirect the user to a specific Url with query strings.
  • You can also redirect the users to different Url based on their role.

Managed form fields

There are a lot of form fields available which you can drag to the form and manage their appearance. You can specify CSS class, placeholder and inline styles for each field.

Each form field can have multiple validations applied from a list of 22 form validators and the list will grow with your feedback and requirement.

Special form fields

Besides basic HTML form fields and WordPress fields, there are a few special fields available, such as Min Max Input types, Google Address field, Spam protection with a question and answer validation, Google reCaptcha and even custom HTML where you can add your own form fields.