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Serious upgrades on a foolish day!!

Here's an upgrade (Version 1.3.3) for SupportEzzy Ticket System for WordPress with following Brand New Features and enh...

published: 4 years ago

Here’s an upgrade (Version 1.3.3) for SupportEzzy Ticket System for WordPress with following Brand New Features and enhancements:

  • Fixed timezone issue
  • Fixed security issue in create ticket form
  • Fixed security issue in add/update comment forms
  • Fixed redirection after adding email routes
  • Added client and agent name on ticket list pages
  • Enhanced search function to search tickets and comments based on ticket ID, usernames, emails, names, keywords etc
  • Added redirect query string for custom login and registeration page.
  • Added an option to specify edit profile url under app settings
  • Added an option to enable email notifications for new user registration with link to view tickets created by new user
  • Added functions to sync Woocommerce product names with SupportEzzy products
  • Fixed WYSIWYG clickable area to start typing
  • Increased WYSIWYG font size to 14px for better readibility and editing
  • Added an option to totally disable public tickets
  • Separated options to hide or show departments and products, now you can choose to disable either of these based on your preferences
  • Added department name in single ticket page right sidebar
  • Added max-height and scroll to employees and products lists for admin and agents to avoid a long list in left sidebar
  • Changed choose file input to a button for localization support
  • Enabled multiple attachments per ticket and comments
  • Enabled inline image attachment support for ticket and comments
  • Optimised attachments UI and integrated lightbox for images for quick view
  • Enabled loading icon on create ticket screen
  • Added custom navigation menus for visitors, clients and agents
  • Fixed avatars to get WordPress avatars
  • Added a link to find purchase code when envato product is selected
  • Enabled auto close tickets after specified number of days with an option to send custom email message to client
  • Addded custom email messages for clients for auto close emails
  • Added an option to specify maximum respond time for the tickets
  • Added email notifications for agents to repond to unattended tickets
  • Added email notifications for agents to alert about the unattended tickets
  • Added an opiton for admin to choose if clients or agents can close/re-open their tickets (Admin can always do this)
  • Added a function to save verification status for envato purchase codes so users don’t have to verify same products again
  • Added an option for admin to enable or disable ticket transfer functionality for agents.
  • Added an to transfer ticket to specific agent in a department and product.
  • Added ticket priority module with response time for each level
  • Added an option for admin to enable or disable ticket priority module
  • Added ticket comment ratings submitted by clients, overall ticket ratings will be calculated based on comment ratings
  • Added an option for admin to enable or disable ticket ratings module
  • Added custom fields for new ticket form
  • Added module for admins and agents to create tickets on client’s behalf
  • Added an option to specify fallback support staff to assign tickets if no user found in assigned departments or products
  • Added a shortcode to display FAQs on frontend, users can also link to faq categories as its a post type and will act like normal posts
  • Fixed close checkbox on submit comment, if unchecked, ticket won’t be closed and vice versa
  • Added an option for admin to choose if agents can also reply to tickets via emails, website must be visited by anyone for PHP IMAP to process emails

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