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SupportEzzy is an elegant support tickets system and faqs portal. SupportEzzy is a stand-alone Vue.js App which runs on a single WordPress page of your website.

Version 2.0.1
SupportEzzy is an elegant support tickets system and faqs portal. SupportEzzy is a stand-alone Vue.js App which runs on a single WordPress page of your website. This app does not interfere with your existing WordPress theme and plugins and will work with any WordPress site.

WP SupportEzzy Features

Built with Latest Technology
This app is built with Vue.js 2.0, uses WordPress REST API custom routes and all other latest technologies.
Custom Branding & Latest Design
This app is designed with the latest trends in mind and uses Bulma CSS framework for its UI components. You can choose your text or image logo, etc. for the Support App under settings.
Email Piping & Routing Integration
You can add one email address for all departments or separate email addresses for each department. New emails received to specified email addresses will be treated as new tickets, and any reply by client or agent to a ticket will get added as a comment to the ticket.
Push Notifications
You can use One Signal Push Notifications service for web browsers which is free. Clients and Support Agents get notified of new tickets and each comment.
Affordable & No Monthly Costs
Get rid of the monthly fees you pay for such premium services, instead buy this app for once and enjoy free upgrades and support as per your Envato license.
Standalone Web App
This app runs on a specified WordPress page, and it does not load any CSS/JS or your WordPress theme and installed plugins which make this app usable without any conflicts.
Unlimited Users and Tickets
Since you own the software and your web server, there is no restriction on a number of users or number of tickets.
Uses WordPress Standards
This app uses WordPress custom post types to save and manage tickets and FAQs. All users created by this app are WordPress users, and their data get stored in users and usermeta table with inbuilt WordPress functions.
Departments & Products
You can choose to create unlimited departments and products which are used to filter and assign tickets to support agents. You can also disable the departments and products for the app.
Frequently Asked Questions
You can create unlimited FAQs for each product and agents can include FAQ Url by typing /fa{keyword_to_search} while replying to a ticket. You can also disable FAQs for the app.
Managed Ticket Assignments
You can assign departments and products to your support agents (WordPress Users with Support Agent role) and choose from following ticket assignment options:
Do not assign tickets to agents
  • Assign all tickets to one agent and he/she will then reassign.
  • Assign to next available agent based on department and product selected by a client.
  • Assign to the agent with least tickets based on the department and product selected.
Envato Integration
You can import all your Envato marketplace products to the system. If enabled, Customers will be asked to verify their purchase on the single ticket page, and license and support expiry date is displayed in the sidebar.
Custom Filters
There are various options available to filter tickets, and you can save custom filters for the future.
Quick Text Snippets
Agents can save custom quick text snippets and can easily include by typing /qt{keywords} while replying to a ticket. This feature saves us a lot of time while we answer tickets for our business support operations.
Include agents via @mentions
Agents and Admin can add other agents to a ticket by mentioning their username (e.g. @agent_name) while answering a ticket or from the ticket sidebar.
Customisable Email Messages
You can easily customise email messages with dynamic variables sent to the client or agent while creating a new ticket or commenting on an existing support ticket.
Managed Navigation
You can create a navigation menu in WordPress and choose under plugin settings to append more links in the App top navigation menu.
Ticket Priority
There are four different labels for priority (High, Important, Normal, Low) which you can change as per your requirements.
Managed Attachments
You can specify which file types can be allowed as an attachment to the ticket or comment.
Auto Close Tickets
You can tell the system to auto close tickets in case there is no response from a client for specified days.
Localisation Ready
You can easily localize this plugin with the .PO file and Loco Translate plugin.
WooCommerce Integration
Sync your WooCommerce products with Supportezzy to provide support to your WooCommerce products.

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