IE Sucks

Minutes ago, I received an email from Google which made jump in my chair with joy. As a developer, no other news could make me happier (especially at this time, when I was on the verge of pulling my hair, trying to get a client’s site work properly on this beastly browser). We all know about the age old fight of web developers, site owners, designers and web service providers with the timeworn Internet Explorer 6 users. Interestingly, this fight has been supported by many communities across the globe and Microsoft gave its share by taking away all support for IE6 with the launch of IE7.

What’s the news after all?

Though Google has been intimidating its users for long to stop using IE6, it finally declared to set its foot down, saying, “In order to continue to improve our products and deliver more sophisticated features and performance, we are harnessing some of the latest improvements in web browser technology.  This includes faster JavaScript processing and new standards like HTML5.  As a result, over the course of 2010, we will be phasing out support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 as well as other older browsers that are not supported by their own manufacturers … Later in 2010, we will start to phase out support for these browsers for Google Mail and Google Calendar.”

Finally, Google fully joined the war with Microsoft and the rest of the world against IE6 users with this bold step. For this Google deserves a round of applaud!

The news brings hope for an end to the usage of IE6, if not by the end of year 2010, at least somewhere between the years 2011-12. It’s no news that Google rules the World Wide Web with the maximum number of market share, and with this step it will definitely act as an eye opener for the IE6 users and bring relief to businesses and people suffering because of them.

Great News! No IE6.

This will be great news for developers, as they’ll save a lot of production time bypassing the extra styling and fixes needed to work upon, just to render same look for all the apps and websites on IE6. They will finally implement newer technologies and render web experience, which in turn will undoubtedly raise the web standards and their awareness among users.

Great news for users, as they’ll surf the web more securely and can welcome newer technologies; applications that will enhance their browsing experience. Users will then get more features and functionality from newer browsers, which means they can actually speed up their business or work online and deliver more in lesser time. And above all, they will have one look for all applications on all browsers.

Also for website owners, as they will be relieved from the merciless charge by developers, not me!! 🙂 to have their websites support users of IE6.

Well, it’s more than important for everyone to support Google in their efforts against IE6. I say, be it developers or designers, we should all follow the footsteps of these great leaders and from this point, stop any and every support and fix for IE6.

What’s your take on this news? Share your views below..

Mohit Aneja
I am an experienced designer and developer with a solid knowledge & experience of current web and mobile technology. I am a problem solver at heart and strive to develop the most effective solutions at the highest of standards and current technology.

  • This is great news, I was trying to make my blog work in ie6 a couple of days ago, it was a real task but finally got there in the end, shouldn’t have bothered now though lol

  • It’s a shame this is only for apps such as Google Mail and Google Calendar, and unlikely to be the main search engine. If Google blocked their main search page from IE6 users that would be an EPIC WIN of gargantuan proportions!!

  • Haha, In a bingo i thought why not making my own Browser and distribute it with fund.. haha, Jokes apart, we as a designer face more difficulty when making a site, we have to build a site for Google (mozilla or chrome) and as well as for IE users. this is really a tuff job. I don’t know why the same page look good in Firefox but looks bad in IE

  • Yeah Google’s action will help reduce our headache about site or blog compatibility with those old browsers.

    This is why I love Google!

  • JP

    I abandoned even developing with IE6 in mind about 6 months ago. Good to hear it’s finally going away.

  • Fine blog. I got a lot of effective data. I’ve been keeping an eye on this technology for awhile. It’s intriguing how it keeps shifting, yet some of the core factors stay the same. Have you seen much change since Google made their most recent acquisition in the field?

  • This is a great news! I hope google will abandon all IE versions. This browser mades our (web developers) headache turns to migraine.

  • @Michelle: yes i know the pain. Hurrah to goolge for this move! Win for all developers!

  • IE should be destroyed completely, or at least built again from the ground up as it cant compete with the likes of firefox or safari.

  • Tell us more!

  • I support Google’s action. I am sick working separate CSS for IE6, it’s really obsolete

  • I hate IE6.. always it create lots of problem and headache.. it require lots of hacks..
    Becoz of this difficult to use .PNG images.

    but in India lots of people still uses IE6. But thanks to Google that he stop IE6 supports, so we can also stop now..

  • jnd

    So glad that YouTube has lead the web towards conforming to a newer web browsers, with that influence surely we can stop working towards IE6 compatibility.

  • Thanks for the news, honestly, so many pages cannot be seen on firefox browser
    which will make me open the explorer and sit waiting for it to open. What a relief, thanks to Google. 🙂 hope to hear more good news

  • IE6 is too old to make the show site. Most Web developers take a lot of time to edit the site compatible with IE6

  • Finally, for a webdeveloper, I think this is the best news that could ever get in 2010. IE6=FAIL 🙂

  • I linked to this post from my blog, and I said, for developers/designers it’s a huge ‘collective sigh of relief’!!

    Buh bye IE6!!

  • Mohit

    Wow, It was really tough to fix IE 6 issues but of course had a chance to learn hacking and making site compatible in IE 6.

    Great news, I always prefer to use new technologies and run with them. Now I will suggest my friends to stop IE6 and use IE8 for better browsing.

  • As a web developer , IE 6 makes me sick. Since it has old updates and you should build the sites according to this browser. Because most of people still uses it. As a result , this is really great news for me.

  • Internet Explorer 8 is very good because it is as stable as Opera. I hate the previous versions of IE like IE6 because it hangs frequently. ~

  • I think wed all love to make our own browsers, lol it’s not as easy as it sounds, well to make one that’s actually good I mean.. there’s some nice designs on here

  • As my Grandmother used to say, “Good riddence to bad rubbish.” Quite frankly I’ve had it in for Explorer since they stopped support for the Mac. I’m a web designer, I design on a Mac, every designer I know uses a Mac. So of course it makes perfect sense that Microsoft would stop making web browsers for the very people who design websites, right? Ah well, it’s not the first dumb move by Microsoft and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Go on Google!

    • Jonas Anchor

      “every designer I know uses a Mac”

      I just have to say, thats strange! And FYI I am not trying to starta a f00 vs bar flamewar 🙂

      First of all, the computer platform is not an issue since both OSX and W7 can be installed on any Intel-based computer. But Mac computers are generally over-priced compared to other brands and Adobe has far better support for Windows products. By tradition some designers believe that Max (OSX) is the way to go for design work, that might have been try 15-20 years ago but it really is quite the opposite today. Today all the Mac (OSX) offers is an alternative graphical interface and a different style some users appreciate, nothing more.

      The lack of support for professional video editing, professional 3D modeling and animation software makes Mac(OSX), imho, a poor candidate. Sure, all the big software companies are represented on Mac(OSX), but they lack in support and commitment. Mac(OSX) users has to wait years for new releases. Plugins and extensions are rarely converted to Mac(OSX) etc, etc. All this makes it impossible for me to switch to Mac(OSX). But with W7 there just isnt any need to anymore, both OS perform equally well and the difference is just some extended bells and whistles none of us really need.

  • Well, the majority of internet users use windows, unless google will create their own operation system, users will continue to use IE.

  • Well, 5-8% of the users visiting my sites still use IE6. But as download of newer versions are free – by all means: Let IE6 be gone forever 🙂

  • google has abandoned half the world.
    How many people can afford new computers? PC or Macs?
    How many can afford expensive upgrades?
    How many can then upgrade their bloody browsers?

    google spams me constantly, and some websites are now inaccessible for those on older computers: MySpace.
    Thank god Facebook is still accessible.

    Oh, got a Mac OS X 1.3.9. Panther.
    and very limited income.

    But I agree about IE. what a pain that browser is.

  • Unfortunatly IE6 has still a great future ahead… just because of all the pcs that stills run in faculties or entreprises that had made specific development for IE6 and port that code on more recent plateform can be a huge task…

  • It’s really time for users to stop using ie6.
    I know there is people who doesn’t care about technology and will never update they windows xp but it’s a shame to see company that still use ie6 and this happens.

    • Totally agree with you.. They talk about current standards, delivering latest products with latest technologies and still using XP and IE6 for their internal programs..

  • Lol! IE6 is an obsolete browser. It keeps on freezing everytime I open youtube and it also buffs slower. I’d prefer google chrome or mozila Firefox.

  • Google agrees that the time has come for us to put IE6 to rest. Google announced on its blog that it will stop supporting Internet Explorer 6 March, 2001, 2010. Google will begin phasing out IE6 support for Google Docs and Google Sites, but I think eventually all Google products to stop supporting IE6.

  • Thanks for the great article. It’s so true – although, I’m surprised that enough people are still using IE, given all of the other great options available. Aside from IE, which web browsers do you guys prefer?

    • Firefox is best for developers and for normal browsing etc. I recommend Google Chrome.. Actually I’ve installed other browsers as well but I only use them to test the websites I create for my clients..

  • Why would google abandon people who uses IE6? Are they competing with Microsoft? Lewl… I guess this blog is just a prank.

  • Thanks for the great post! I’ve been thinking about this exact same thing over the last few days, so it’s weird that you posted on it. You definitely did a much nicer job writing about it than I could have though.

  • Finally… but remember those windows xp operating systems and people that have a fear of updating their software?!? this is not over guys…

  • I have to say this really remarkable .I have read your article and I am impressed.Thanks for nice sharing.

  • stop using IE completely

  • Robert Nelson

    Theses are probably the same people who never updated there JAVA version 6. Good to hear that Google has chimed in on this battle which should have been won long ago

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