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Version 1.4.6 ~ Paid Content Packages WordPress Plugin

Posted on March 22, 2015 by Mohit Aneja in Updates.

Version 1.4.6 ~ Paid Content Packages WordPress Plugin

Version 1.4.6 for Paid Content Packages WordPress Plugin is now available to download via WordPress  Upgrades API. Please make sure you upgrade to this version as it has multiple fixes for optimized and smooth functioning of this product. This also includes new reports and features for a few shortcodes and widgets.

  • Fixed subscribe link and process payment shortcode disabled logic to check package expired as per time zone.
  • Added an option in paid member content shortcode to check if user has an active subscription to any of the premium packages.
  • Optimized code to verify and update user package subscription status.
  • Added an option to select any or specific package for paying/non_paying members content widget.
  • Optimized trial sign up for both PayPal and Credit Card Gateways with notification if trial is restricted.
  • Optimized billing history shortcode to display better report and subscription status.
  • Optimized code to minimize load for heavy operations.
  • Optimized all backend reports for latest time zone changes.
  • Added a new report for quick overview for all users on one page with instant search functionality.

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